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Question   Viewing at Teatime
Ruth, I had a good time viewing your Gallery and drlinking tea.....what a great a relaxing teatime. Everything is so beautiful!

- Hattie Micheaux 3/18/2015 11:30:13 AM

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Question   Gallery
You have some very lovely Images, Ruth. I enjoyed looking through your gallery.

- Beth OMeara 3/30/2012 5:53:14 PM

  Answer Thank you Beth! Glad you enjoyed it!

- Ruth F.  4/6/2012 3:15:46 PM

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Question   Wonderful Website!
Dear Ruth,

We enjoyed meeting you last weekend at the retirement party. You are a lovely lady and it reflects in your beautiful photographs!

Regards, Pat & Peter

- Patricia Domanski 10/28/2011 7:49:53 AM

  Answer Thank you Pat! It was a pleasure meeting you and Peter as well. Hope you take up your painting again. I could tell it is something you really enjoy!

Best Wishes,

- Ruth F.  11/1/2011 7:28:27 AM

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Question   Nice Pictures
Hi Ruth,

Very beautiful and relaxing photos to view!! Keep up the good work. Do you take photos of kids birthday parties? I am thinking of having my daughter a 5 year old birthday party and was thinking about it would be nice to have someone taking memorable photos. Let me know your price! Thanks

- Angela Moore 4/22/2011 10:44:05 AM

  Answer There¬ís a terrific amount of knowledge in this artcile!

- Kamren Kamren  7/12/2011 12:45:10 PM

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Question   vdspears@yahoo.com
Ruth your website really looks nice, I love pictures, so I will look at everything when I get home.
Vickie Spears

- Vickie Spears 3/30/2011 9:18:05 AM

  Answer I might be baeitng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

- Elora Elora  7/12/2011 7:29:46 PM

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Question   Divine!
Hi Ruth,
Run slide shows to inspire and uplift my day. I'll figure out which photo I want to get soon, I hope.
Wonderful eye!

- Gwen Butt 2/16/2011 1:31:14 PM

  Answer Hi Gwen!
Glad you are inspired by my galleries.
Let me know when you decide.
Best Wishes,

- Ruth F.  2/16/2011 4:47:02 PM

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Question   Proud!----
---to have you as a neighbor ! Awesome..beautiful and inspiring.

- Laura Tabaccki 1/21/2011 9:42:02 AM

  Answer Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my photo galleries!

- Ruth F.  1/22/2011 9:17:19 AM

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Question   Your Passion Shows!!
No question, just a comment.

- Carlotta Lindsay 7/20/2010 2:23:08 PM

  Answer Thank you Carlotta! I truly appreciate your thoughtful comments! :-)

- Ruth F.  7/21/2010 7:07:09 AM

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Question   Your portfolio
The colors are brilliant and immediately made me think about the awesomeness of God!

- W.Renee Williams 6/15/2010 4:02:43 AM

  Answer Thank you for viewing my galleries!
I am glad they inspired you!
Best Wishes,
Ruth Foster-Lindsay

- Ruth F.  6/15/2010 12:55:47 PM

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Question   Beautiful.
Your work is stunning! I'm glad Ayanna shared it. Are they available for purchase?

- Madeline Smith 6/14/2010 10:04:09 PM

  Answer Thank you for the compliment Madeline! Yes, they are available for purchase. You can contact me by e-mail to let me know your specs.

Thank you for viewing my galleries!

Best Wishes,
Ruth Foster-Lindsay

- Ruth F.  6/15/2010 12:59:18 PM

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